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Doubleshow Entertainment was founded in 2018. After four

years of developing and expanding the business, Doubleshow

Entertainment has grown into an all-round entertainment

company, providing premium performance experiences

throughout Australia.

Doubleshow Entertainment strives to bring double the musical

joy with the cost of one. With tailored-made entertainment

plans customised to the client’s needs, you can be sure that the

show will amuse your guests.

Here at Doubleshow Entertainment, we want to make every

moment of your wedding as beautiful as possible, with our

handpicked artists, the performances will certainly add a vivid

splash of colour to you and your family’s memory.

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Dario’s violin performance is very versatile, to him, the violin is a vessel that he uses to communicate his musical expressions with the audience. With his violin, he can boast a classy and elegant appearance with an acoustic violin and classical pieces, but on the dance floor, he can also lead the guests with his energetic electric violin music.


A classy duo desirable for any events. These two instruments can cover any songs. Dario and Gary have been performing together for various events for over 3 years. The violin is a very expressive instrument, with its high register notes, the ethereal music flows through the strings, whether a trickling stream or the wrath of the seas, the violin can handle it with ease. The cello is an instrument that has a range closest to the human voice, Gary always aims to capture the essence of any music, with its elegant yet robust tone, no story is too hard for the cello to tell.

Dario & Gary Violin and Chelo duo.jpg
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Piano trio music is uniquely beautiful and adored by many. They express personalities through the storytelling, the addictive melodies and great sense of fashion. As an experienced event piano trio, Our group can play different style of songs beautifully.


Known for its elegance and sophistication, string quartet is the pinnacle of chamber music. Whether it is for a high-end tea party, or just background music while guests are arriving, a string quartet has got you covered. With two violins, a viola and a cello, the atmosphere these musicians create are breathtaking.

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DJ Shin grew up in Melbourne with a half-
Chinese and half-Japanese background. She Started to perform as a DJ 6 years ago. She specialises in mixing English dance music and Asian pop dance song mix. She has performed for Melbourne St Kilda Festival in 2019.
You can provide the Cambodian songs and some of your favourite songs for her to mix. And the rest music you can leave to her.


A vocalist and guitarist is always a go to for any events that require live music. They can easily bring the wedding to a new height. Whether a calm and soft love song to create the perfect mood, or an upbeat pop song to ignite the dance floor, we have got you covered.

This girl duo has been working with us for more than 2 years. The combination of a sweet, soulful vocals accompanied by beautiful harmonies and guitar is a match made in heaven. They have been playing together for over six years, perform the music you know and love.

Double Show Entertainment Guitarist and Vocalist
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Bands have been a long-time favourite for events, they bring back childhood memories and can ignite the dance floor. With members coming from all across the world, our versatile band is able to play any genre, and is sure to bring excitement to the wedding.


A truly standout performance in any event, live brass adds a different layer to your event. Whether playing alongside a DJ or as a feature performance, a saxophone will be a ‘wow’ factor for your guests to talk about. This can be used as newly weds entrance.

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A harp speaks nothing but elegance, the music that comes with each gentle pluck are soothing and it makes everything in its surroundings calm and peaceful. Our harpist can play music from classical to contemporary. The music is customised to the client’s needs and the ambience the harp creates is nothing short of perfection.

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