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Growing up constantly surrounded by great musicians and

having worked in numerous professional orchestras and

chamber music groups, China-born Melbourne based Dario

Zhang, better known as Darioviolin is a renowned violinist

known for his creativity and unique sense of musicality.

Dario’s expertise in arts goes beyond music. Having played the

violin since the age of 4, Dario has always had great interests

in visual and performing arts. In addition to his music degree,

he also has a postgraduate degree in architecture. His approach

to music focuses on transforming the stories behind the music.

His superpower is playing the violin. What about yours?

His first cover album was released in the end of 2020. Since the release,it has been very popular. The album included some of his audiences’ best-liked songs, such as Titanic, Secrets and Shallow. Dario takes pride in that many fans who

purchased the album expressed to Dario that they can visualise his story through his music.

But unlike many classically-trained musicians, Dario did not

limit his musical imaginations and techniques to classical music.

Instead, he’s been expressing his talents in the form of modern

violin music. He has collaborated with DJs, singers and numerous

other instrumentalists to perform in many events and concerts.

As a classical musician, Dario performs often as a Violin-Cello

Duo and has his own string quartet.

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